'Mom's Desk' website, created by Jackson woman, provides free educational lessons

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - With the coronavirus pandemic closing schools, students are now heading online to learn.

A screen capture of the website momsdesk.org, which was created by Jackson woman Sarah Frantz and launched Monday to give children and their parents lessons to do while schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

One local mom is trying to make it easier.

Sarah Frantz, from Jackson and mom to three children, has been working from home as a web developer during the pandemic.

She said with three children, it's been hard to keep up with all of the school websites her children use.

"Obviously the kids are like super bored with the educational sites they have now so i'm kind of on the hunt for new things that they can do on the computer so I can stay -- like have them somewhat busy while i'm like trying to do a meeting or something for work," Frantz said.

That's when the idea to build her own free educational website was born. It's called "Mom's Desk".

"Sort of as a hobby as I working on a side project so I just decided to build out a website and organize all these different resources by category," she said.

The website was released Monday. She said people are already using it.

"I launched it at like I think like 8 o'clock and I think by noon I already had like 3,000 visits and I was like okay this is crazy so I've added - I started out with like 25 resources now there's over 40 on there."

When you head to the site, you'll see a collection of the resources on its front page.

"Then there's a side bar on the left where you can narrow it down by category so there's things like math, science reading and writing, typing, field trips there's just all sorts of different sections that you can go through," she said.

She said "Mom's Desk" is user-friendly for kids on their own from elementary to high school. It's even open to people outside Michigan.

"I hope that it's a valuable resource for any other mom out there with kids trying to stay and work 40 hours with them you know up in your business," she said.

Even though it's called "Mom's Desk," Frantz said it is open for any parent to use.

If you know of an educational website, you can add it to the site by clicking on the "submit a resource" tab at the top.

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