Shelters open in area for flood victims, including help for your pets

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - According to the Red Cross, there are shelters, supplies, and volunteers opening in mid-Michigan for victims of flooding in the area.

Meridian Township has opened a displacement center at the Central Fire Station for residents who have been flooded out of their homes and need temporary assistance getting back on their feet.

The center provides a temporary place to go if families do not have a plan in place or are unsure what to do. The center will provide:
• Access to phones and charging areas
• Restroom facilities
• Assist with resource contacts

“Meridian Township understands the needs of resident during this time. In response to that we have opened up a displacement center to assist any residents displaced from their homes. We will be continuously monitoring the situation as waters continue to rise and work to keep everyone informed,” stated Meridian Township Assistant Police Chief, Ken Plaga.
Grand River Avenue is closed from Park Lake Road to Marsh Road. Okemos Road is closed from Hamilton Road to Gaylord C. Smith Court. To access the Central Fire Station residents must take Marsh Rd. and turn west on Central Park Drive. Barricades will be located at the Okemos Post office, drivers must bypass the barricade to get to the Fire Station parking lot.

“The displacement center is a place for residents to come, get their bearings and figure out what to do next,” said Interim Fire Chief, Lori Schafer.

As Meridian Township officials continue to monitor water levels, the displacement center will stay open until further notice.

Kelly King, Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross said, "A shelter was opened in Clare county last evening, but currently we have not had any individuals utilizing the shelter; we have provided supplies and volunteers. Clinton county has informed us that they have minor flooding in areas, but flood levels on the river are receding and sheltering does not look necessary. At this time none of our other Mid-Michigan emergency managers have requested support from the Red Cross."

If you have pets, the American Red Cross says the The Capital Area Humane Society will be able to assist families who are staying at the ARC shelter and need a temporary place for their pets. There is limited space available and will be on first come first serve basis. CAHS is also able to provide crates, and food should those families need these items.
"Ingham County Animal Control has also told us they could provide assistance to pets, as well for those staying at the ARC shelter," added King.

Open at noon on Thursday at the Lett's Community Center on Kalamazoo St. at 1220 W. Kalamazoo St. in Lansing.

Central Fire Station at 500 Okemos Road in Okemos

If you live near rivers / streams pay attention to the water levels.

Do NOT driver through standing or moving water across roads.

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