Missing in Michigan "Kayci Latoski's Story"

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Lansing, Mich. (WILX) - UPDATE: Kayci Latoski is home safe.

Months have gone by since the disappearance of 16 year old Kayci Latoski. Her grandmother is now on a desperate search to find her and is asking for the public's help to bring her home safe. She was last seen August 13, 2017 and had been modeling for an agency called "Instinct Entertainment". The owner of the agency, Ryan Ulman was arrested this year for child porn and the agency has been shut down. According to the Dewitt Police Department, models at the agency were also caught up in a Flint child sex trafficking gang. Kayci's grandmother doesn't believe she's involved in any sex trafficking and thinks that she's only in hiding and doesn't want to come home. All she wants is for Kayci to just call or text and let her know that she's okay so that the family can have some peace of mind.

Over 4,000 cases of missing persons have been added to the Michigan database and Kayci is another name on the list that the family is hoping they can remove. If you see or hear from Kayci, please call the Dewitt Police Department at (517) 669-9131 or email them any tip you may have at dewittpd@dewittmi.org.