Minivan sales keep falling, but experts say they'll live on

Minivan sales keep tumbling, but experts say they'll live on and could even increase as more millennials reach child-bearing age (Source MGN)
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DETROIT (AP) -- Ever since they peaked nearly two decades ago, minivan sales have been tumbling, so much that critics have often proclaimed it was only a matter of time before the boxy people-haulers would be extinct.

Sales last year sank to about 364,000, the lowest level in more than three decades.

But the vans have survived, largely because there are only a few competitors sharing pieces of a smaller pie.

Currently five minivans are on sale.

Contrast that to the 18 when sales peaked at 1.33 million in 2000.

Some experts are predicting at least a small resurgence in minivan sales as millennials who rode in them as children become parents.

They also work well carrying passengers in self-driving ride services.

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