Mid-Michigan triplets graduate as valedictorians

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BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WILX) - No, you're not seeing double. In fact... You're seeing triple. The Trevino siblings are all bath high school valedictorians.

"It's definitely a really big accomplishment," Katelyn Trevino said.

Katelyn's easy to tell apart from her brothers... But there's a trick to figuring out who's who. Cole always wears blue. And Case wears...

"Anything but blue," Case Trevino said.

They're following in the footsteps of their older sister Kwyn. She graduated valedictorian three years before them.

"She always pushed herself to be the best and she passed that down to us," Katelyn said.

“It was kind of our duty to match up to her level and her expectations and just follow whatever she did,” Cole Trevino said.

They encouraged each other to study... With help along the way from their parents and teachers. Another big factor was that nobody wanted to be the one triplet that didn't get a 4.0.

"No, no, no, that would be the worst,” Case said. “Because if two of us can do it, then all of us can do it for sure."

The triplets are all heading central... For the same reason.

“Opportunities” the Trevinos said.

Cole is studying criminal justice, Katelyin is going into premed. And Case is going into the medical field, thinking about occupational therapy. These bright kids from bath have an even brighter future ahead of them.

So for now let's give one... Two...

Three cheers for these grads.

Their graduation is this Sunday.