Mid-Michigan students roller skate to learn STEM

JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) Young, new teachers from Mid-Michigan work in an innovative program that's getting kids excited about math and science.

News 10's morning anchor Lora Painter takes a closer look at how a local roller skating rink is helping inspire a love for STEM studies. The AllSkate roller rink in Jackson is a place where a lot of fun and a lot of learning takes place. New, up-and-coming teachers are taking STEM education to a new level by connecting science and math to things more familiar, such as roller skating.

Jillian Heilborn, one of the educators, said, "I just think it's really beautiful because it's science at it's kind of bare minimum; looking at something observing something and asking questions about it."

The program is hands-on, demonstrative and includes a lot of playtime along with lessons. Teachers said this helps the passion for learning stick with the students.

Heilborn said, "They're going to remember they were really excited to learn about science and they're really excited to skate and that's going to have a positive impact later when they go into a science class."

"The biggest challenge with STEM is making the connection between the world around them," said teacher Sam Rysekamp. "The idea is to learn some kind of STEM concept that they've been familiar with in the classroom and then connect it to something completely unexpected"

For more information on this program and how to become an educator for it:


www.allskate.net, www.facebook.com/AllskateJackson

AllSkate is located at:
1313 W. North St.
Jackson, MI