Michigan to see a 4.4% increase for 4th of July travel

The National Safety Council revealed 71 percent of drivers admitted to being on their phones, even taking photos while driving past emergency crews./ Source: MGN
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AP According to AAA, more Americans are traveling for Independence Day than ever before, while in Michigan there is a 4.4% bump in those who are traveling.

A record breaking 48.9 million travelers will be taking the road meaning the roads will be much more impacted than previous 4th of July's.

Wednesday, July 3rd is said to be the worst day for traveling by car because of the mix of commuters and holiday travelers. In some areas around the country, it is estimated to be four times the normal commute as delays could average around 9% across the country.

"Although travel times are expected to nominally increase throughout the week, hands down, Wednesday afternoon will be the worst time on the road," said INRIX transportation analyst, Trevor Reed. INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics.

A combination of a still strong economy, low unemployment, high consumer spending, and gas prices that are 20 cents lower than this time last year have all inspired people to be more lenient with their summer spending and travel.

While gas prices may dwindle into the summer, car rentals and airfare prices are 5% and 10% higher respectively this year than last.

Not only that but midrange hotels are expected to price around $153-$189.

Traveling by automobile is the most popular route of travel for Michigan residents as 1.5 million plan to take to the road, while 72,000 will be flying to and from their destinations.
Listed below are the 10 most popular domestic destinations for travelers on Independence Day:
1. Orlando, FL
2. Honolulu, HI
3. Seattle, WA
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. Anaheim, CA
6. New York, NY
7. Boston , MA
8. Maui, HI
9. Anchorage, AK
10. Chicago, IL

For those traveling internationally, Europe was the most popular 4th of July destination with the likes of Rome, London, Dublin, Paris, and Vancouver, Canada being the top 5 places to go. Airports in Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando will be the busiest for pick-up locations.

AAA estimates that they will help around 367,000 motorists get out of trouble during the holiday.

They also suggest taking any road trip vehicles to a trusted mechanic or repair shop to have any needed maintenance taken care of before leaving home.

Other advice they offer is to always have a mobile phone and charger, flashlight with extra batteries,a first-aid kit, a toolkit, water and snacks in case of an emergency.

It's still not too late to make plans for this Independence Day, just go to AAA.com/Travel.

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