Michigan prisoners placed in segregation over Facebook page

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CARSON CITY, Mich. (AP) -- The Corrections Department says a phone smuggled into a Michigan prison might have been used by an inmate to create a Facebook page.

The page, titled "Freeweezy Lethimgo," includes photos and video of a prisoner getting a haircut and smoking something.

Spokesman Chris Gautz tells the Detroit Free Press that 10 prisoners at the Carson City Correctional Center have been placed in segregation.

Gautz says 25-year-old Dajuan Furman, who has "Weezy" tattooed on his arm, is considered a key offender.

Gautz suggests prison staff also could be in trouble. He says someone should have noticed loud music, too many prisoners in one cell and a window being covered up.

The spokesman described the behavior as "incredibly dangerous."

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