Michigan lawmakers debate lifting part of flavored vaping ban

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 4:21 AM EDT
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Lawmakers are talking about a plan that would prevent the state from issuing rules restricting access and use of vaping products.

Flavored e-cigarettes are back on sale in Michigan after a judge earlier this month halted Governor Gretchen Whitmer's ban.

But a bill being discussed in the State House would limit the scope of the governor's ban.

The bill would prohibit the state from interfering with the sale and use of vape products that are flavored or with two percent or more nicotine.

The bill wouldn't lift the ban on teens accessing vape products, but it would allow adults who vape to purchase and use e-cigarettes with lower levels of nicotine.

Only a small fraction of vape products actually contain more than two percent of nicotine.

This helps a lot of adults out who use e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking.

This bill would give them more option.Governor Whitmer says she is determined to ban flavored vaping in Michigan.

In a statement she said she plans to veto any bill that prevents the state from protecting people from a public health emergency.

Lawmakers say the bill is a step toward compromising on the emergency ban.

Many republicans have been against it saying it would end up with more people returning to traditional cigarettes.

The bill is currently in a House Committee.

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