Michigan farmers head to Oklahoma

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DURAND, Mich. (WILX)-- What these Michigan farmers are doing goes beyond the state's border. They are on their way to Oklahoma to help other farmers who have lost large acres of land and cattle due to wildfires.
With Michigan having a good crop season, these farmers decided to give whatever they could to help out, but it wasn't easy. Jack Fisher, the head coordinator, said he made over 100 calls in one day, and with a big help from Facebook, three convoys became one.
He even made personal sacrifices to make this happen.
"I sold some of my personal stuff to help pay for fuel to go out there, and we just tried to do the best we could to organize this and I feel like we did an overall good job at it," Fisher said.
There are 30 trucks heading out from Michigan to Oklahoma, and as they travel you will find an American flag on every truck. The other coordinator of the trip, Zack Berger said this is not the last convoy.
"We're going to try to do a lot more. I'm really proud of the way Michigan stepped up. We had a couple of good years of hay left over that we don't need that we can donate, and I can't think of a better cause to do this," he said.