Michigan considering buying electric school buses with Volkswagon settlement money

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) Something good came out of the Volkswagon emissions scandal for thousands of students in Michigan. As part of a legal settlement with the government, the automaker agreed to spend nearly $3 billion on emissions reduction programs.

The state is considering using the money it gets to replace aging, diesel-fueled buses with electric buses which can go up to 75 miles on one charge. Janet McCabe, Senior Fellow Environment Law and Policy Center said, "What we're doing here today is to make sure that the school transportation officials in the state of Michigan know about this great new technology electric school buses - which have zero emissions and that's best for our kids and best for our communities."

The EPA says diesel exhaust poses a health risk, especially for children, because they breath at a faster rate than adults and their lungs are not fully developed. Experts say 1 in 10 Michigan children suffer from asthma. A main contributor is air pollution.