Michigan State starts campus facelift project

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It may not look like it needs it, but the Abbot Road entrance to Michigan State is getting a facelift.

"This entrance is very important to the history of our campus and a lot of us felt that it was time to beautify it," said Tressa Wahl, the design representative.

But the goal of the project isn't just beautification. The trees, which are over 50 years old, are starting to become a safety hazard.

"It's eternal decay," says Paul Swartz MSU's campus arborist, "which isn't visible from the outside but also structurally weakens the tree to where it could come over in a windstorm."

As part of the campus master plan, 21 Norway maples and one Norway spruce will be taken down and replaced by 16 swamp white oaks. The trees aren't the only pieces of the entrance that need work, though. The historic benches outside Campbell Hall will be restored and the sidewalks will be repaired to increase accessibility.

More trees will also be put in along the MSU Union and Campbell Hall, and five crab-apple trees will be placed at the limestone marker at the forefront of the entrance.

The goal of the project is to recapture the original design of the entrance. With the current trees requiring regular maintenance, the new oaks will last longer and lend to the history of campus.

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