State police warn of emails containing malicious links

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LANSING, Mich. (WJRT) -- Michigan State Police are seeing an increase in fraudulent emails containing malicious links or attachments sent to people and businesses around the state.

Many of the emails have subject lines like "Invoice" or "Receipt." They contain an attachment or a link to download an attachment that actually contains malware, which damages the computer or causes data to be lost.

Some of the infected attachments contain the Emotet virus, which helps scammers steal personal contact information from any email address book. That information is then used to send spoof scam emails.

Other malware being passed around helps scammers steal passwords, banking information. It can also encrypt files and spread the virus to other computers on the same network.

Michigan State Police computer crimes investigators are warning everyone to carefully screen emails before clicking links or opening attachments. They warn people to be wary of receiving links or attachments from people they weren't expecting.

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