Michigan Podiatric Medical Association shares advice about pedicures

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LANSING, MI (WILX) Sandal season is here, but before you plan your next pedicure, the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association (MPMA) has some advice to share.

MPMA said that unfortunately not all pedicure facilities offer clean and proper foot care and as a result, infections and other foot ailments may arise.

Here is some advice the MPMA has before you get your next pedicure:

Make sure that the instruments used are clean and sterilized. Ask the technician which cleaning procedure they use, as well as the frequency of cleaning.

Soaking in alcohol is not an approved sterilization method.

Sterilization - rather than disinfecting - is the best method. This can be done by using a cleaning agent such as hospital bactericide, fungicide or viricide. Instruments can be sterilized in an autoclave or ultrasonic machine.

Make sure the instruments are sterilized after each use.

You may consider bringing your own tools - nail nipper, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher and curette cleaner.

In addition, the MPMA also shares some advice on how to protect your feet this summer.

They say to limit walking barefoot because it exposes your feet to sunburn, plantar warts, athlete's foot, ringworm, and other infections, not to mention increasing the risk of injury to your feet.

The MPMA advises wearing flip flops or other shoes around the pool, to the beach, in the locker, and even on the carpeting or in the bathroom of your hotel room to prevent injuries and limit exposure to bacteria.

They also want to remind you to apply sunscreen all over your feet including the tops and fronts of ankles. Remember to reapply after you've been in the water.

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