Meth found in child's trick-or-treat candy

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KESHENA, Wis. (WILX)- A shocking discovery after trick-or-treating in Keshena, Wisconsin. Menominee Tribal Police say a parent found a packet of crystal methamphetamine in her child's Halloween candy.

Trick-or-Treating was Sunday in Keshena. When the child returned home, the parent checked the candy and found the drugs. The packet was turned over immediately to police.

Officers say it tested positive for meth. "This morning October 30th, we had a report that there was a small yellow package that was found in one of the children's trick or treat bags, said Ben Warrington, Tribal Emergency Management Coordinator.

Warrington confirms the packet was tested and says it is indeed methamphetamine. The child did not ingest the drugs. Police nationwide are warning parents to double check their children's candy before they are allowed to eat any of it.

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