Weather Authority Brett Collar tries baking cookies in hot car

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- The low temperature in Antarctica was 44 degrees below zero Friday, which would probably feel refreshing to News 10's Brett Collar, who used the inside of a car as an oven.

"Yeah we're nowhere near that number in Antarctica. In fact inside this vehicle the temperature is well above 100 degrees. So we're going to showcase just how hot it is by trying to bake some cookies," Collar said.

Three cookies were put on a baking sheet and left on the dash of a van sitting in the sun.

Around 5:30p.m., the cookies melted some, but they still needed to cook more. Two eggs were also scrambled up and left in the van to cook.

A little after 6p.m., the cookies were still not cooked all the way. The eggs solidified some, but were still pretty raw. The van reached a temperature of over 120 degrees.

Collar says not to try this at home because your car will stink and the food wasn't cooked all the way.

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