Mega Millions jackpot at $425 million

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Two dollars and five numbers can go a long way.

Cashiers are ringing up Mega-Millions tickets as people line up for a chance to ring in the New Year with hundreds-of-millions of dollars.

“Ten dollar ticket. You get five chances you know. Two dollars apiece. You gotta play when it gets that big”, said Gregory Valo.

The $425 million prize has players dreaming of bringing in the New Year with new money for a new life.

“I would definitely quit my job yes. I would have to quit it, you know because it's a lot of money”, explained Matthew Stafford while waiting in line at the Liquor King convenience store in south Lansing.

It's been 11 years since someone became an instant millionaire on New Year's Day and many people are put in their bid in for the 8th largest Mega-Millions prize.

“I'm hoping that I win big money so I can get up out of here and bless my family and my friends and have a better life”, Siaynah Barber said.

The odds of winning the $425 million jackpot are one in 302 million, but one thing is for sure, if you don't play, you can't win.

Tuesday's drawing was 57-70-34-62-44 with a 14 Megaplier.