UPDATE: Mayor Schor creates coronavirus mitigation plan; schools begin canceling extracirriculars

 Mayor Andy Schor during Friday's coronavirus press conference.
Mayor Andy Schor during Friday's coronavirus press conference. (WILX)
Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 11:06 AM EDT
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Lansing Mayor Andy Schor has released a mitigation plan for the City of Lansing in response to coronavirus concerns.

Mayor Schor's office said a memo was sent to the City of Lansing employees "providing important steps to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in the workplace."

“The City of Lansing has provided guidance to employees on measures and potential measures to slow the transmission of COVID-19 in Lansing,” said Mayor Schor. “We are taking these measures to keep our employees and residents safe. I encourage everyone to do their part by having good hygiene and take the appropriate steps to keep our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers safe.”

The City of Lansing has told all employees to take the following steps to help reduce the spread of the virus in the workplace:

•All nonessential business travel outside of Clinton, Ingham and Eaton County will be suspended until further notice.

•All employees are expected to stay home, or they will be sent home, if they exhibit any reported symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough and shortness of breath.

•Departments will provide facial tissues, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in meetings, as available.

•All employees are expected to sanitize their hands and work areas frequently.

•Face-to-face meetings of three or more people are discouraged until further notice.

The mayor said a committee is also in the process of developing a plan for how the City of Lansing will continue to function if high rates of absenteeism occur.

The mayor's office said Lansing Police and Fire Departments are currently reviewing department alternative call measures.

Mayor Schor's office said the city is part of an areawide workgroup, leg by the Ingham County Health Department, that continues to monitor the situation and give updates as necessary.

To view the memo and travel restriction policy, click

To view the coronavirus and flu prevention memo and the temporary suspension of nonessential travel memo, click to the right of this article.

In addition to the mayor's plan, Mid-Michigan schools are also figuring out how to keep students safe from the virus.

The Lansing School District has cancelled all student field trips and staff conferences until April 13 when it will re-evaluate the situation, according to a letter that was sent to staff and parents.

The district said it may consider cancelling large events and activities based on recommendations of the governor's office, which may include after school activities, athletics and items that are non-essential to curriculum delivery.

East Lansing Public Schools said it will implement the following measures related to events and programs scheduled outside of the regular school day. These practices will be effective immediately:

-All field trips are suspended until further notice.

-All assemblies and performances with participation from the general public (including as spectators) in our schools are suspended until further notice.

-All community meetings (e.g. Parent Council, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Safe Routes to Schools, etc.), facility rentals and gatherings (e.g. concerts, science nights, etc.) scheduled to take place within our school facilities are suspended until further notice.

-All tours of school facilities are suspended until further notice.

The following activities will continue at this point in time:

-After-school activities made up primarily of ELPS students (e.g. clubs, after-school homework support, etc.) will continue.

-All athletic practices and events will continue in accordance with guidance issued by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). Updates will be posted at www.mhsaa.com.

On Thursday, the Michigan Senate has approved spending up to $25 million to combat the new coronavirus as part of restoring prior budget cuts in order to support "new challenges facing the state, including combating coronavirus" according to a statement sent to News 10.

“This is important legislation that restores the budgets of many programs that began the year without necessary funding,” said Sen. Kim LaSata, R-Bainbridge Township. “It also provides support for emerging needs, like our efforts to mitigate coastal erosion and to combat coronavirus.”

In addition to funding for the coronavirus, a High Water Infrastructure Repair program would receive $5 million to provide grants that counties, cities, villages and townships could compete for help to fix public infrastructure damage from, or create preventative measures against, high water and shoreline erosion, according to the statement sent to News 10.

The statement said additional programs that would see funding restored include:

-$15 million for the Going PRO talent fund that rewards employers for helping train, develop, and retain current and newly hired workers.

-$16 million for the popular and successful Pure Michigan travel and tourism campaign.

-$25 million for state efforts to combat the coronavirus.

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