Mason opens outdoor ice rink for first time in decades

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) - The city of Mason opened an outdoor ice rink at Rayner Park for the first time since the 1990's. City officials say it's part of a plan to put resources into the city's parks.

Even though the temperatures were cold, that didn't stop families from coming out to enjoy the rink. Angie Vandecar has been a Mason resident her entire life. She took her kids ice skating at Rayner Park for the first time.

This was their first time ever ice skating and Vandecar says they were so excited that they asked for skates for Christmas. They've also been counting down the days to opening of the rink.

"They knew it was getting colder. They had a countdown and were ready to come try their skates out".

The city of Mason had been trying to build the rink before this week but the weather wasn't cold enough.

"We had it almost built once. But it warmed up and rained a bit so we had to start over", said Tom Silsby, the Superintendent for the Mason Public Works Department.

People like Vandecar remember coming to ice skate at Rayner Park as kids. Vandecar says it was nice to bring her own kids to enjoy the ice.

"I grew up in Mason and to come down here was always a tradition. It's neat to be able to come back and do that with my own kids", said Vandecar.

It doesn't cost anything to skate at the rink but you do have to bring your own ice skates. As long as the weather is cold enough the rink will stay open.

"We won't have an attendant on duty at all times so it will be skate at your own risk. But we will do the best we can to maintain the ice. On the heavy use days we'll put another layer of water down and keep the ice in as good of condition as we can", said Silsby.

If the rink becomes more popular the city says they might even add concessions such as hot cocoa and hot dogs.