Mason HS Puts Tech in English Classes

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) -- News 10's morning anchor Lora Painter heads to Mason to check out a game changer in the world of teaching. Thanks to a $590,000 grant from the Mason Public Schools Foundation and the Dart Foundation, Mason schools have new Chromebooks to incorporate in the classrooms. For English teachers, they said it is really changing how the assess students' learning and the classroom interactions.

Mark Sundermann has been teaching at Mason High School for nearly two decades, teaching 9th to 12th graders. He said a lot has changed over the years and now, thanks to the Chromebooks, the speed of learning is faster.

"Now we can see thinking taking place," Sundermann said. "We would assigned a novel or something and we have to be careful to tell the kids to not write into the books because we need to use them for other students. This-- the reading is all on line. We can do everything in the electronic world in the cloud, and that's something we as teachers can check."

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