Many tenants still without answers and heat

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EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WILX) - The next couple of nights are going to be even colder for the people in the Edgewater Apartments in Eaton Rapids where the heat hasn't worked in some apartments for around three weeks.
News 10's Alani Letang has been looking into the problem for the past two days. Wednesday she got a hold of the owners: Harvest Properties.
They told Letang they're aware of the situation. They said only their regional manager, Elizabeth, could give more information.
When Letang asked to talk to her she wasn't available. But here's what happened next:

"I'm actually going to end the call because you are not a resident," said Harvest Properties.
"Okay, can I still get Elizabeth to call me back," asked Letang.
"Have a great day," said Harvest Properties.
"Hello?" said Letang.

News 10 are not the only ones who haven't been able to get in contact with Harvest Properties.
One tenant who wanted to remain anonymous said the parent company gave him the runaround.

"No number actually works, the one that does they direct you somewhere else. It's very inconvenient" said the tenant.

Inconvenience to this tenant is having his three kids sleep in the master bedroom with him and his girlfriend - cuddled around one space heater.

The tenant said, "It's kind of a pain, I have to wake up at five in the morning to get ready, days that she works she's got to get up at three, so we've all got alarms going off waking up kids that don't need to be woken up yet."

When the kids are up, they are bundled up with layers of clothing. He told Letang his two-year-old daughter is most comfortable in her full winter gear.

"It's cold, you shouldn't have to wear your winter coat, hat, and gloves in the middle of your apartment just because it's winter," the tenant said.

Former Edgewater Apartment tenant, Josh Preston, said this problem does not surprise him. He said there were times when his family of six had no heat for more than a week. He said he even had to help some of his elderly neighbors.

"They were my grandparents' ages and I'm not going to let somebody take advantage of my grandparents. I'm not going to let someone take advantage of other people. I went and bought heaters for people who were on certain ends of the building," said Preston.

Preston and other tenants Letang spoke with over the last few days have not been given any compensation for the issue and they have no idea when the heat will be fixed.
Letang asked the leasing office Wednesday and they said they couldn't discuss it with her.

"When you pay over a thousand bucks a month, you expect a lot better than that," said Preston.

Letang went to Eaton Rapids City Hall Wednesday to ask the mayor why nothing has been done. His staff told Letang they just learned about the issue Tuesday.
They provided News 10 with a two-sentence statement saying they're investigating the building for violations and have no other information.

New 10 is working to get more answers out of both the city and the owners. The Barry-Eaton County Health Department has been called, and we have not heard a response back from them yet.
Check back for updates.