Many calling for MSU student to be expelled after Instagram post about African American football kicker

Photo: Instagram user mollymuuck
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UPDATE - The Delta Gamma sorority has confirmed that MSU student Reyna Muck is no longer a member of their organization as of October 26, 2016. The sorority declined to comment whether Ms. Muck had left the sorority by choice, or if she was removed by Delta Gamma. The sorority released the following statement regarding the matter:

"Delta Gamma is committed to diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical disability or other characteristics protected by state or federal law. Membership is open to women and transgender persons who identify themselves as women. Delta Gamma encourages an atmosphere which will foster the high ideals of friendship among women, promote their educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility and develop in them the best qualities of character."

A Michigan State University student is under fire for a controversial post that has now gone viral.

The freshman posed with someone in a gorilla suit appearing to mock an African-American high school kicker from Midland. The MSU student has been identified as Reyna Muck. She attended a high school football game last weekend in Midland. The game was between Dow and Midland High School football teams. Ashton Brooks, an African-American girl, is the star kicker for the Midland Dow Chargers. Muck took a picture with someone in the gorilla costume at the game, and captioned the photo: "got a pic with Dows kicker". The photo was then posted on Instagram. The post quickly went viral.

Brooks' brother Malcolm is outraged and says "it hurts to be in a world where that's still a thing". Backlash has been swift on social media. The photo has been shared online with many posting to Michigan State's Facebook page calling for the student to be expelled from the university and removed from her sorority.

Mucks' mother issued a statement to a Mid-Michigan TV station saying: This poor little girl, I hope she's ok. My understanding is that no one is upset with each other, it's the other people who have posted these things creating an invitation to harm my daughter. My daughter was stupid and she did the wrong thing. She's sorry for it and she will change. She isn't racist. She doesn't hate."

MSU Spokesman Jason Cody also issued a statement: "One of the university’s core values is inclusion, and we are committed to fostering a campus climate that does not condone racial harassment or bullying. The university is aware of the recent posting connected to an MSU student. This posting is deeply troubling and is clearly not aligned with our core values. We are addressing this situation in a responsible manner through multiple channels."

The President of the National Pan Hellenic Council issued a statement which reads: Today we were made aware of a racist Instagram post made by Reyna Muck, a fellow Spartan and member of the Greek community. Ms. Muck captioned her photo, “got a pic with dows kicker ;)” as she posed with someone dressed in a gorilla costume. The Dow kicker she was referring to is Ashton Brooks, a young Black woman and the #1 kicker in her conference. Ms. Brooks is a senior placekicker for the Dow football team in Midland, Michigan.
The National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC) strongly condemns all behaviors that are detrimental to the mental, physical, and social health of any person. Ms. Muck is apart of the Panhellenic Council through her membership in Delta Gamma. We, NPHC, are sickened by the behavior displayed by Ms. Muck and expect that both the Panhellenic Council and Delta Gamma’s National leadership handles this incident thoroughly as it has significantly affected our MSU community, and specifically the Black community. Meanwhile, we are looking to work with all Greek councils to ensure unity among everyone. As the President of the NPHC, I personally support all positive nonviolent actions. The entire nation will be watching to see how we Spartans respond to this situation. We are urging administration to take action and telling them that we will no longer tolerate or ignore racism on our campus, intentional or unintentional. I challenge everyone to make sure that as a community we are taking time to show positive support for Ashton Brooks and her accomplishments.
Myya D. Jones
President - National Pan Hellenic Council

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