Manufacturing Week: Checking out the Robotics team at Waverly High School

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Some kids play football in high school while others join the basketball or volleyball team, but dozens of students at Waverly High School are opting for a different team.

"I've always been really fond of the robotics idea and aspect. So naturally I wanted to go into robotics, but I think what really pulled me was building and designing," Thorin Thelen, a senior at Waverly High School, said.

Since its inaugural season three years ago, the Robotics team, which they call Error 404, has grown from about 15 members to over 50.

"Its actually quite a bit of fun making a robot. It's a lot of hard work, but it's very rewarding and a lot of people want to get involved with that," Chad Krause, assistant coach, said.

The team is split up into multiple groups with specific jobs including animation, programming, podcasts, business, and more.

Eighteen mentors and two coaches work with them to hone their wide variety of skills, and explore all sides of building the robots and peak their interests in the different parts of manufacturing.

"The diversity that we have on the team and the different skills and how they come together, it almost runs like a small business. Students learn some really valuable leadership skills that they might not learn otherwise in high school," Jeff Parks, head coach of Waverly Robotics, said.

Already, the team has won multiple awards. Members and coaches say its just the beginning, and they love being a part of a team where they can learn about the skilled trades and have fun too.

"Seeing the hands-on, and working hand in hand with them, taking it all the way to the competition, really pushing and pushing and pushing and just that ten minutes after they win when everyone is cheering, that's the best moment when everyone comes together and celebrates all the work they did," Jack Nowakowski, a mentor, said.

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