Mannequins in Stockbridge homeowner's yard cause controversy

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STOCKBRIDGE, MI (WILX) -- Expression of art...or downright junk?

A woman crafted a display of mannequins in her front yard in Stockbridge, raising a lot of eyebrows (source, WILX).

That's the debate about a Stockbridge woman's choice of outdoor decor.

Just outside downtown Stockbridge, there's a home with a display of mannequins—and lots of them. But what people want to know is why?

"This I find fun and whimsical," the woman who crafted the display said.

Some have writing on them, others are clothed--others are not.

"I think that people react to sexuality in weird ways. I am being called gross and disgusting but it's not any different than taking the clothing off a Barbie doll," she explained.

They're one of a kind, which is what the owner was going for. She didn't want to be ID'd because she fears for her safety but claims since she's put them up they have been vandalized and stolen.

"I think its outrageous. They may not like them, or don't understand the art of it but that doesn't give them the right to destroy my property and to steal it."

The woman calls it art, some agree, but others aren't so sure.

"Well I think creativity should be encouraged and as far as how people feel saying it's obscene...or anything like that, that's they're right and they can state how they feel but it is also her right to keep it up," Sophia Stiffler said. "If this is how she wants her yard to look, then so be it."

"They were funny at first but there's a stripper pole...there is some very interesting outfits that I feel like I shouldn't have to explain to my kids," Samantha Boyle explained. "She can move it to her backyard, she can do it inside her house, but but I feel like it is extremely inappropriate being on a main road."

The creator received a violation notice from the village stating it was "junk." The village also told News 10 that they have gotten a lot of complaints about the display. But for this homeowner, the mannequins are here to stay and she wants people to back off.

"Leave me alone. I don't go to your establishments which I should be able to, I don't go anywhere, I don't bother people, I mind my own business and you guys are harassing me."

The Village of Stockbridge says if the mannequins aren't taken down within 10 days they will issue a citation. The village clerk also said they want residents to know they are taking their complaints seriously and will continue to follow up on it.

To read the Stockbridge ordinance on junk, click here.

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