Manatee swimming through thick algae

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STUART, Fl. (NBC) -- Blue-green algae is spreading through Florida's Treasure Coast.

This cellphone video shows a manatee swimming through thick algae in Stuart, Florida.

The concerned citizen even offered a manatee water from a garden hose.

Florida governor Rick Scott declared an emergency in two counties.

That allows state and local governments to take action against the spread of algae blooms by redirecting the water flow in and out of lake Okeechobee.

A 33 square mile algae bloom was discovered there last month.

Now, the spreading algae has forced officials to close some beaches in Martin County and has been spotted in waterways and canals in much of south Florida.

Governor Scott is also directing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Fish Wildlife Conservation to address the issues caused by the algae blooms.

Samples taken from the algae bloom in lake Okeechobee contain more than 20 times the amount of toxins considered hazardous by the world health organization.

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