Man warns others about Interstate scam

Published: Aug. 29, 2018 at 8:18 AM EDT
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A Michigan man is speaking out Wednesday morning after his good actions almost led him to be caught in the middle of a scam.

It's-a story that's gone viral...

John Hadyniak was heading home on I-94 near Belleville Road when he saw a woman on the road changing a flat tire.

So Hadyniak, who happens to be a mechanic, stopped.

But he didn't help the woman because he sensed he could be in danger.

John said, "The trunk on the car was closed and I noticed there was no plate on the car. I noticed that was no jack and she had a tire iron with her and things didn't add up. It was just a bad gut feeling."

So he shined a flashlight on the woman, exposing a few feet on the side of the road, a man lying in the grass.

They took off when they were spotted.

Hadyniak posted their potentially dangerous plan on Facebook warning others to be smart and aware of their surroundings.