WATCH: Man risks life to rescue wild rabbit close to flames from California wildfire

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LA CONCHITA, Calif. As wildfires continue to rage in Southern California, one animal lover braved the flames to save a wild rabbit on the side of the highway.

Viral video of the dramatic rescue shows the Thomas Fire along Highway 1 in La Conchita. As the out-of-control flames burn across the highway, a wild rabbit darts into the burning brush.

A man puts his own life at risk and races after the rabbit. He spots the animal in the burning brush and struggles to figure out what to do to save the rabbit. He clutches his head, jumps up and down and paces before wading into the burning brush to try and coax the rabbit out.

It takes several tries but the man doesn't give up. The rabbit finally runs out of the flames and the man grabs it, taking it to safety.

The Thomas Fire, which started Monday and exploded to more than 90,000 acres by Wednesday, continues to threaten communities from Santa Paula all the way to La Conchita, a small community just outside of the Santa Barbara County border.