Man blames accident on MDOT construction

Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 5:44 PM EDT
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A semi-truck jack knifed, and a man's car slipped and rolled over several times on a highway.

Now one driver is blaming the accidents on shoddy road work by the state.

It happened on September 10, 2018, in a construction zone on Westbound I-94, near Marshall.

A report from the Marengo Township Fire Department, who responded to the scene, indicated that the road was slippery from light rain. However the left lane was more slippery than the right, and it said both drivers involved in the accident didn't understand the cause of their crashes. Michigan State Police Marshall Post is investigating the crash. News 10 has reached out for further comment from them.

We will let you know when we hear back.

"For something to happen like this, that was quick and out of my control, and then I feel like I'm being hung out to dry over someone else's mistake," said Kevin Frizzell, driving the truck that rolled off the highway.

Kevin Frizzell was driving in a construction zone on I-94 near Marshall when he felt the bed of his F-250 sliding out of the lane. The truck rolled and landed on its side.

"My truck roof was right to my steering wheel for the minor injuries that I walked away from that with it's pretty amazing. But what if I would've had a child with me," Kevin said.

After police showed up to the scene, Kevin said he heard tires squealing and saw a semi-truck jack knife, in the same lane he was driving in.

Police shut down Westbound I-94 and called Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Kevin said, The MDOT technician wasn't even there two minutes and said 'you're not hearing this from me but you see those bubbles, that's a clear sign that something's not right with this asphalt.'"

Kevin said he heard more about construction problems three days later.

"We receive a call from Calhoun County MDOT supervisor that the road was opened up prior than it should've been, that they laid their bond coat but didn't lay their top sealant coat. And that's what caused the road to be so slippery, you couldn't even walk on the roadway."

News 10 reached out to MDOT for a comment, they didn't want to go on camera but sent us a statement:

"During the nighttime repaving project on westbound I-94 near Marshall, the contractor suspended paving operations due to quality control test results. The operation was suspended with a section of pavement covered in bond coat, a layer of adhesive used between new and existing pavement. The lane closure was removed and open to traffic to minimize the disruption to traffic. Sometime after the lane reopened, it rained, and the crash occurred. The lane immediately was reclosed until normal nighttime repaving operations resumed.

MDOT and the contractor are reviewing the incident. MDOT does not comment on ongoing investigations."

Kevin was ticketed for the crash and wants MDOT to explain itself.

"I've missed work due to the accident, I'm going to have to miss work to fight this ticket that I should've never received. And all because MDOT made a mistake can own up to it on the phone but can't own up to it in black and white," Kevin said.

MDOT will not say why the lane was allowed to open if it was only covered with a potentially-dangerous layer of bond.

The department also won't comment on what the technician told Kevin about the bubbling in the road.