Making demolition plans in East Lansing

Published: Jun. 22, 2016 at 6:39 PM EDT
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What was once a small bank, has stood vacant for nearly ten years.

"There is no purpose for that building. It's been an eye sore," said Dan Tyler, General Manager of Dublin Square.

The two-story building at 303 Abbot consists of some boarded up windows, a crumbling old drive thru and an inside that's falling apart.

It's not a great view for diners at Dublin Square.

"We have our guests that sit on the patio and you just, it looks like a burned out building and we have a few of 'em," Tyler said. "So, I think it's a great thing that it's coming down."

Tyler said the demolition is long overdue.

"If we don't evolve, we're standing still. And, if we stand still, we go backwards. And right now, I think the City of East Lansing for the most part, is standing still," he explained.

But, East Lansing City Council said they haven't had a choice. Because whoever owned what was what also a bank on the corner of Grand River was tying up the previous deal.

Mayor Pro Tem, Ruth Beier, explained, "That has finally been sold to a new developer who has plenty of resources to develop. So, we're optimistic something will happen in the next couple of years."

Once the building is demolished, the property will actually be split into two parts. The section facing Albert will join the road to straighten it out and the other half will most likely join the development of the other old bank on Grand River.

"Hopefully they're going to build things that we want," Beier said. "Things like retail, restaurant, hotel, high end housing on the top?"

"I don't think it matters. Anything but that. Anything but that," Tyler added.

To create a new view as you enter the City and give a boost to the economy.

"We're hoping this will be like the anchor for the city, we'll have something that we don't have and it'll just be beautiful," Beier said.

The City Council condemned the other abandoned buildings on the block.

Demolition of 303 Abbot starts July 11th and is expected to take two weeks.