Mail carrier rescues kittens found dumped in tub on side of road

Mail carrier finds kittens by side of the road and calls the humane society. (Source WILX)
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LANSING, MI (WILX) - A mail carrier saw a bin on the side of the road and stopped to check it out.

The bin was along her route and she took the time to see what was in it.

Seven kittens were head over tail that she stopped because they were abandoned, on the side of the road, in high temperatures.

"If you see a plastic bin, box, or something similar close to the road, and you think there could be an abandoned pet inside, please contact your local animal control or CAHS immediately," Capital Area Humane Society wrote on their Facebook page. "It could truly mean life or death for an animal left outside in these conditions."

After finding the kittens, the mail carrier contacted Clinton County Animal Control, who reached out to CAHS, because CAHS was closer to the location of the kitties.

CAHS reported that when they arrived that the kittens were already in distress.

They were rescued and taken to the humane society and were immediately cared for.

"It is always disheartening to hear stories of animals being abandoned, especially in extreme weather."

To contact the Capital Area Humane Society: click here.


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