MSU's Black Student Alliance creates 'Black Revolt Week' following controversial racial incidents

EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) - The MSU Black Student Alliance is not letting controversial racial incidents go unnoticed on campus.

MSU's Black Student Alliance creates 'Black Revolt Week' following controversial racial incidents.

That's why they named this week 'Black Revolt Week.'

The students created this week in response to the controversial racial incidents that they claim have gone without consequence at MSU.

College students are using the #NotAgainMSU as their key message in their Black Revolt Week, even painting it on 'the rock' on campus.

The Black Student Alliance is also passing out a timeline of the racial incidents that have happened on campus, ranging from 2016 when an MSU student called a high school student a gorilla to this month's controversial doll display at the Wharton Center gift shop.

Each day of the week, the Black Student Alliance is hosting different events, leading up to Friday's march, all to advocate for better bias and racial training on campus.

But this week hasn't gone as smoothly as they have hoped.

On Monday, the alliance said they felt attacked and silenced during the Associated Students of Michigan State Q and A with MSU President Samuel Stanley.

The organization held a forum on Tuesday to continue conversation.

"There were administration in the room but the president did not come," said Sharon Reed-Ravis, the presidnet of Black Student Alliance. "But I think that the community forum is always something that is helpful because and helps us be on the same page because we are spread out on campus and I think that is something that is intentional because they don't want us to mobilize."

Student's hope Friday's march demands both their fellow students and administration's attention.

"My hope for the march is finally be something that they see enough is enough, we can do something now just something to push us forward and make us feel like we belong," said Reed-Davis. "It's literally that simple. Give us the bias training."

The Black Student Alliance will continue their Black Revolt Week by using Thursday to make signs for Friday's commemoration march.

Students invite the public to march with them from the CATA bus station to the administration building to advocate at 1pm.

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