MSU trustee names the player who alerted coaching staff to the sexual assault allegation

Published: Jun. 7, 2017 at 3:57 PM EDT
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Michigan State University trustee Mitch Lyons revealed the name of the now-former player who alerted coach Mark Dantonio to the sexual assault allegation that eventually led to three other former players being charged. During an interview on sports radio show The Huge Show, Lyons said the following:

"When Auston Robertson came into his office for a regular weekly meeting you know Coach D asked the regular questions he typically asked him and then he became a little emotional and didn't even go into details, he just alluded to the fact that something happened and Coach D had a sense that it involved some sort of sexual allegation and he immediately said, 'Hey, don't say anything more.' He called the OIE office, got the appropriate person involved."

News 10 and called Lyons to ask why he used Robertson's name. He has not returned the call. Robertson was kicked off the team in April after he was charged with a separate sexual assault in Meridian Township. He also faced sex-assault charges in high school. His regular meetings with coach Dantonio were one of the conditions placed on him when he was allowed to join the team. Robertson has a preliminary hearing in his case scheduled for June 22.

Another Michigan State trustee blasted Lyons on twitter for using Robertson's name. Brian Mosallam tweeted the following statement:

"In response to all the inquiries today, I can neither confirm nor deny Mitch Lyon's comments today. As MSU Trustees we have a moral, ethical and legal obligations to choose our words wisely, protect our students, faculty and institution. Today Trustee Lyons, once again, has damaged the university by his words and actions."

The three former players charged in the case are Josh King, Donnie Corley and Demetric Vance. Vance was arraigned Tuesday. King and Corley were arraigned Wednesday. Coach Dantonio suspended them in February and kicked them off the team Tuesday morning. All three are due back in court on June 15. News 10 and will continue to provide updates on this developing story.