MSU to build new multicultural center

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 5:44 PM EST
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A new multicultural center will soon make its debut on the campus of Michigan State University.

The project was announced at the Board of Trustees meeting Friday.

The university said the project has been in talks for some time and students have been calling for a stand-alone center.

Several incidents have increased the call for a safe space on campus and a student organization gathered signatures to petition for the space.

University President Samuel Stanley said students will be a part of the process.

"It is in a university-developed space and a space that they helped develop, they helped program, and I think that's what's going to be important about it and I think it's taken on a kind of symbolic meaning about what the university's commitment is in these areas of diversity, equity and inclusion," President Stanley said.

MSU has around 40,000 students, with nearly 9,000 of them being students of color. The current multicultural center, The Mosaic, opened in 1999 and is now on the second floor of the Student Union, but the center doesn't have enough space leading students to meet in other buildings.

Once the space opens, students will be able to host events, gather and learn about other cultures and issues.

Currently, a feasibility study is underway. The planning committee is looking for architectural and engineering proposals. It is expected to present the board with a recommended plan for the project in Decemeber.

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