MSU students march in protest of racist display

 Source: WILX
Source: WILX (WILX)
Published: Feb. 21, 2020 at 5:26 PM EST
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Students from Michigan State University held a march Friday in protest of a Wharton Center display that depicted black historical figures hung by their necks from a tree.

The march from the CATA bus station to the Hannah Administration Building rounded out what the Black Student Alliance called "Black Revolt Week." Protesters said they hope the march showed they won't stay silent when they see racism on campus.

Some students said it's hard to stay positive when they see and feel racism around them on a daily basis.

The president of the Black Student Alliance, Sharon Reed-Ravis, said she meets with MSU President Samuel L. Stanley each month. They talk about student concerns in an effort to improve campus culture.

"We finally got the university to commit to a cultural center," said Reed-Ravis, "but we need an in-person diversity training to treat this like Title IX or sexual assault on campus because it is just as important."

The university sent out a statement on the march saying:

“We encourage and support any community member who wishes to make their voice heard on any issue, particularly one as important as MSU being regarded as an inclusive campus community. We not only welcome but encourage student engagement – their advocacy is a vital part in making important changes that improve the climate at MSU.

“Inclusion is one of Michigan State University’s core values. We strive to provide all Spartans the opportunity to actively participate in a vibrant, intellectual community that offers a broad range of ideas, perspectives and voices.”

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