MSU students hold peaceful protest to call out administrators

EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) Michigan State University students banded together to call out administrators in a peaceful protest Sunday morning.

Several students gathered in front of the Hannah Building .

After three racial incidents that occurred on campus last week, organizers say they wanted to provide an opportunity for everyone to voice concerns.

They also say they want the university's covering up of hate crimes to end.

"I felt as if there needs to be more genuine response. I feel like the response just enflamed the whole situation even more," said Lily Cross, a MSU Freshman.

"We just want equality and we want the staff, administration, and resident housing we want them to be more prepared for things like this so that they can respond in a better way," added Kennedy Parker, a MSU Student.

Last week what looked like a noose made out of tissue ....was hung in from of a students dorm.

A Jewish Center was vandalized and a survey filled with racial slurs was sent around.

Students are calling for added training to prevent future incidents from happening.