MSU police investigating Homecoming Weekend death

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- More than a week after a person was found dead on the MSU campus, students are getting frustrated with the lack of answers from police.

Police will only say it was a visiting student who died on Homecoming Weekend and that there's no danger to the public.

Many students say what they've gotten from police so far isn't enough, especially at a time when the university is promising to be more transparent.

"It's very concerning just people's well-being. Like if its a death...people should know," MSU freshman Paige Sinacori said.

Students on MSU's campus say they've heard rumors, but nothing concrete from police about what happened on Sept. 28.

"There's also, with the sexual assault and all that. We do get notified about burglaries around the dorms but that's just through LiveOn. But I definitely think they should alert the students about that more."

Students aren't alone. Multiple parents, even reaching out to News 10 trying to get some answers. So we reached out to East Lansing City Council member and former MSU student Aaron Stephens.

"Being a student on campus, we're a community on campus and its difficult to go through and not know," Stephens said.

He says he doesn't know what is going on either, but acknowledges sometimes police need to keep things hush-hush for the sake of the investigation.

"At the end of the day, there are situations, especially in death cases where keeping it close to the vest means an investigation continues. It means you know, people are still being interviewed," Stephens added. "They are trying to figure out what happened completely and if they give it out to the public...that story might not be told. But when you can share the information, share the information."

Police say they can't release the person's name, where the body was found, or the cause of death because this is still an ongoing investigation.

MSU did send out alerts about two sexual assault reports: one on Sept. 8 near the Pavilion and another on Sept. 15 at Wonders Hall.

East Lansing Police are investigating another sex assault at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house on homecoming weekend.

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