MSU lawsuit from former student seeks class-action status

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EAST LANSING, MI. (WILX) - A lawsuit filed against Michigan State University in 2018 could have widespread effects for other public universities in Michigan.

The lawsuit was filed by a male student accused of sexual assault.

The Detroit News reports that lawsuit was amended last week and they seek to turn it into a class action lawsuit.

That Michigan State University student was a fraternity member. The suit claims he had consensual sex with a female student at his fraternity house in February of 2018.

The female student filed a sexual assault report with the Office of Institutional Equity days later.

The male student was suspended from MSU for two years.

He claims he was falsely accused and unfairly mistreated and punished during a Title Nine investigation.

In his original lawsuit, and in the filing last week, he argues MSU did not offer him due process. The suit claims that’s because he was not given an opportunity to defend himself in a live hearing where he could not directly question his accuser.

The suit of its kind is the first in the nation to see class action status. It wants to have MSU ordered to, ‘Vacate or expunge their disciplinary records and reverse the actions of the sanctions.’

If successful, the same strategy could be tried at universities across Michigan and across the Midwest.

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