MSU football players found in violation of Title IX; what happens next

Published: May. 23, 2017 at 10:48 PM EDT
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Three MSU football players might be facing disciplinary action after the university found that they violated the school's title IX policy. They'll soon be facing a board who will decide what actions to take. According to the victim's attorney Karen Truszkowski, there's a long list of what could happen.

"Under title ix, not being able to take a class with somebody all the way up to being dismissed from the school,” Truszkowski said. “I mean it's a very wide range of things that can be done."

An MSU spokesperson says the university can't comment at this time because it would violate the privacy of the students involved. Truszkowski says both parties have a right to appeal the disciplinary actions the board decides. The separate criminal investigation is ongoing as well. Truszkowski says the results of the title IX might not play as big of a role in the criminal case.

"The investigations are conducted very differently, the standards of proof are very different and the rules of evidence are very different,” Truszkowski said. “It certainly could be used to maybe show a pattern but it's not a definitive proof that a crime was committed."

Allegedly the assault happened at the university village apartments back in January. The criminal investigation launched soon after... It's in the prosecutor's hands at this point.

"They are doing from my perspective a careful, reasoned investigation and it appears that it's taking a long time but there are valid reasons why that's taking place," Truszkowski said.

She wouldn't reveal what those reasons are. Truszkowski says to remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty... And not to speculate.

"And jump to conclusions based on rumors and things that you hear and the passage of time. That doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular except that people are doing their jobs," Truszkowski said.