MSU students concerned over water in dorm hall

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) Brown and red water is flowing from the faucets at one of the dorms at Michigan State University.

Brown and red water is flowing from the faucets at one of the dorms at Michigan State University.

Several students are posting videos of the discolored water and are reaching out to News 10 to get answers.

News 10 investigated the West Holmes Dorm Hall on campus and found that a few of their sinks still had discolored water coming out this afternoon.

Students say they just want their water to be clean again.

"Could you please fix it as soon as possible? Cause it is kind of like not cool," says Brandon Hall, who lives in West Holmes.

"I turn on the sink and out comes this like brown water that I've been seeing a lot," added Hall.

Another student who lives in the building says the water normally doesn't look clean.

"The water in general here just feels unsafe, so this just makes it worse," says Sushmitha Balraj.

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities tell News 10 they are aware of the issue and have told students what to do if they see discolored water.

"Unfortunately, this week there was a piece of machinery conditioner that broke and needed to be repaired so when it was drained and refilled it stirred up some sediment in the water system and that resulted in unfortunately in some red water going to some residents," says Communications and Learning Manager Fred Woodhams.

Woodhams says that they apologize for the issue and that the water is completely safe to use.

"We have 15 wells on campus that supply water to most buildings on campus and that does have a strong iron component in it manganese as well," added Woodhams.

MSU is working to solve their water issues with a new 2 million gallon water tower that was put up this summer.

They plan on having the system up and running towards the beginning of 2020.

The new water system will filter out iron and other minerals. But it might take one to two years before it is in full effect.

Until then, the university says there are more than 100 filtered bottle stations for students and faculty to use.

MSU has their full water quality report online, HERE.

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