MSU LB Antjuan Simmons getting used to the new normal

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LANSING, Mich (WILX) -- The Michigan State football team has a number of challenges to tackle heading into the fall. New Head Coach Mel Tucker got a late start as it is, being hired a couple of months after a majority of coaching hires took place. To make matters more difficult, the new man in charge has to get to know is team and implement his system during the coronavirus crisis which has forced his players back to their homes and restricted practicing and meeting as a team.

MSU linebacker embraces his dog Sam

One of the possible candidates for Captain this season is soon-to-be senior linebacker Antjuan Simmons. Simmons spoke with News Ten's Seth Wells to discuss the suspension of all team activities as well as what it's like to try and keep up to speed from home.

"It's been weird, my first week back home was definitely weird," Simmons continued saying, "I ordered a bench press, dumbbells, a few jump ropes so we can pretty much do any type of workout we want."

As far as how the new system is being implemented so far, Simmons doesn't believe they are any further behind than the other teams in the nation.

""I wouldn't say the chips are stacked against us more than anybody else because we are all stuck at home and in the same situation as us. Everybody is confined to their houses, apartments or dorms, wherever they may be. We're going about our days as if we're on campus. IF we were supposed to have a meeting in the morning, we're still having the meeting in the morning but on Zoom," said Simmons.

Another way Simmons has tried to stay in shape is by going on runs with his dog Sam, whom you see pictured in the article above.

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