MSU Board votes for new survivor fund, selects Byrum as chair

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- In the first meeting of 2019, the MSU Board of Trustees voted a new chair and voted to establish a new fund for Larry Nassar survivors.

The board voted unanimously to establish the new fund to assist survivors of Larry Nassar's sexual assaults.

Details about how much, and if parents of survivors would be eligible were not immediately clear.

New Board Chair Dianne Byrum said after the meeting that those details will be discussed in the near future, and it wasn't solely up to her.

Interim-President John Engler halted the Healing Assistance Fund in July.

Also taking place at the meeting, Byrum was selected as the new chair in a 5-3 vote over Trustee Brian Mosallam.

Students and faculty members were also in attendance at the meeting.