The "Survivor Sisters" have a message to MSU's Trustees: "We are waiting"

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 4:10 AM EDT
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Friday morning, a group calling themselves "Survivor Sisters" asked the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, "When will you show us that you care?"

The "Survivor Sisters" addressed the trustees with their continued complaints regarding the abuse they experienced at MSU by Larry Nassar.

Those speaking to the trustees said the university needs to stop stifling payments to them.

They also asked to be paid what they are entitled to.

The "Survivor Sisters" said MSU is pitting survivors against survivors.

They accused the university's legal counsel of treating them with a confrontational attitude, especially those in what they called the "second wave of survivors."

The survivors were invited to write letters to trustees regarding their experiences of assault by Nassar and how they effected them.

Many of the survivors who wrote letters to the Board of Trustees were in attendance at the meeting.

Friday's meeting was the first time the trustees met since a current MSU student spoke out after accusing the university of encouraging her to say silent, after she claims she was raped four years ago by three Spartan basketball players.

22-year-old Bailey Kowalski filed a civil lawsuit against the university over the alleged assault.

She says she went public partly because she was inspired by the courage of Nassar survivors.

Kowalski has not named the former players she's accusing of rape.

Her attorney says they haven't ruled out filing a police report.

Michigan State's motion to dismiss the case is still ongoing.

Just before the meeting convened, a woman who was speaking out against the trustees was escorted out of the meeting by campus security.

Leslie Miller, the mother of Emma Ann Miller, says that actions of the board have not met with what has been promised.

She says that she is having issues with her daughter's claim being processed.

Trustee Byrum replied and said that if the claim was denied then it will be reviewed and that it is the board's intention to still pay them.

Miller asked an additional question and confronted Paulette Granberry Russell - she accused her of lying about not remembering Amanda Thomashow's name in court this past week.

That is when the board moved to adjourn and Miller was escorted out by university security.

You can watch the live stream