MSU Alumni Association releases statement regarding Nassar

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The MSU Alumni Association released a statement on Facebook saying they stand in solidarity with the victims of Larry Nassar.

"The hearts of the entire MSU Alumni Family go out to Larry Nasser's [sic] victims. We stand in solidarity with these brave women and we surround them with the empathy and love of the 500,000 strong Spartan Nation.

We know that there are many questions about actions taken and missed opportunities. Your Association is not ignoring these concerns but feel that the focus this week should be on hearing their stories. In answer to some questions we've received about why we continue to post about other topics in this space, we believe that the misdeeds of the few must not detract from the positive contributions of the many faculty, students and alumni who are making positive, life changing contributions to the world.

As your advocates, we are committed to tracking all alumni feedback and ensuring that it is shared with the senior administration." ~Scott Westerman, Executive Director