MDOT and state police team up to lower traffic-related deaths

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 4:45 AM EDT
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An alarming number of people have been killed on Michigan roads this year, according to MDOT and state police.

MDOT and Michigan State Police are trying to educate more people about highway driving safety.

The goal is for zero deaths on the roadways.

The campaign would focus on lowering the amount of deaths that occur on the highway each year through an effective outreach education program and enforcement of the distracted driving law.

Just last week, 30 people died on the roadways in Michigan making this years total 189 traffic deaths.

Last year, there were 967 traffic-related deaths in Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

That breaks down to a little more than two a day.

Of that total number, 91 others were seriously injured.

Last year, there were 35 thousand highway deaths across the country.

Officials say driver behavior factors into nearly 90 percent of all deadly crashes.

The campaign is aiming to change that and improve safety for everyone.

The safety campaign features a message on traffic signs on major highways and interstates, which displays the number of people who have died on the roads.

The message is used to let people know how serious of an issue this is and in hopes behavior behind the wheel will improve.