Lt. Governor Calley announces intiative to switch Michigan legislature from full-time to part-time

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Mackinac Island, Mich (WILX) -- Michigan's lieutenant governor, Brian Calley, wants to amend the state constitution to switch Michigan's legislature from full-time to part time, and cut pay and benefits of legislators serving in the Michigan State House and State Senate.

He made the announcement from Mackinac Island during the Mackinac Policy Conference on Tuesday, May 30, 3017. He released the following statement.

“Michigan is one of a handful of states with a full-time legislature. It is time to amend the Michigan state constitution to switch from a full-time to a part-time state legislature.

Michigan politicians are the fourth highest paid in the United States. It's time to slash their salaries and ensure cuts to their benefits. We will save tax dollars by paying them the same as teachers and give them more time to live and work back home under the laws they pass.
State legislators should be paid no more than our school teachers.”

The proposal would amend Article IV, section 12 and Article IV, section 13 of the state constitution to require a part-time legislature that can meet no more than 90 consecutive calendar days each year, unless an emergency session is called by the Governor. It would also require legislators to be paid commensurate with public school teachers, and permanently eliminate their pensions and health insurance after their term of office in the part-time legislature.