Lower gas prices could lead to increased holiday travel

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NBC, (WILX) - It's happened so fast, you may not have even noticed.

Pump prices have dropped like a rock.

Down six cents in a week, 17 cents in a month!

Unleaded now averaging $2.72 a gallon nation-wide, the lowest level since April.

The reason: An abundance of oil on the world market.

"The country is saving $75 million a day versus what we were shelling out just four weeks ago. The average household, we' ll call it about $2-$3 dollars every tank they are saving," said Patrick Dehaan, gasbuddy.com senior analyst.

Prices could continue to drop as AAA predicts a record 48.5 million of us will clog the roads for Thanksgiving.

That's 5% more traffic than last year!

Experts say gas prices could go back up by Christmas, as U.S. sanctions curtail Iranian oil exports and other oil-producing countries consider cutting back.