Low gas prices expected this summer

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A jump at the pump is likely coming soon.

Stations are now switching over from their winter fuel to their summer gas blend if they haven't done so already.

While a hike will likely come with the summer formula, gas prices are not expected to be anywhere near what they were a few summers ago.

Memorial Day was the unofficial start to the summer and we kicked it off with average prices of about $2.32 per gallon, the lowest on Memorial Day since 2005, according to Triple A.

Gas Buddy's Patrick DeHaan thinks gas prices will not even hit $3 a gallon this summer.

He wrote earlier this week that he believes much of the country will stay somewhere in the $2 range.

Triple A also expects gas prices overall to be lower this summer, maybe even the lowest in more than a decade.

The automobile company issued a briefing saying prices could peak in mid-June.

Currently, the average prices here in Michigan is about $2.50 a gallon, up 19 cents from a month ago, but still cheaper than the $2.73 we were paying a year ago.

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