Lost baby Dugong becomes internet sensation

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A baby Dugong, that has become attached to humans after getting lost in southern Thailand's ocean, is being nurtured by marine experts to prepare her for life in the wild.
The female Dugong has become an internet sensation in Thailand after images of marine biologists feeding her spread across social media.
The around five-months-old adorable mammal was named "Marium", meaning "Lady of the Sea" in a local dialect.
The Dugong is a species of marine mammals, similar to the American Manatee.
Marium was spotted alone near a beach in April.
Officials took her to a populated Dugong area, but she swam away.
Vets and volunteers now set out each day in canoes to locate Marium, and she usually comes to them then follows them to shallower water.
They feed her up to 15 times a day, while performing health checks.
Experts say Marium has formed a bond with humans and likes to spend time under the canoe, perhaps seeing it as a mother-substitue.
Vets say it will take about a year until Marium can be weaned off her bottled-milk supply and be able to look after herself.
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