Long-time Lansing pastor, David Ford, dies of COVID-19 complications

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 6:13 PM EDT
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The Lansing community is remembering the life and legacy of Pastor David Ford, who passed this week from complications of COVID-19.

Pastor David Ford preached beyond the pews.

"You always really felt good about yourself after his service," said Mayor of Lansing, Andy Schor. "It was loud, fun, informative, and serious."

As a pastor for several years in Lansing, he filled the Friendship House of Prayer Baptist Church with song, dance, scripture, and of course love.

"He was an extraordinary person, a lovable person who harbored no ill will to anyone," said Bishop David Maxwell. "His smile was contagious."

Ford tested positive for COVID-19 late March, where he stayed at the Beaumont Hospital for seven days.

"His story was quite exceptional," said Schor. "He was telling me he was on a ventilator, breathing fire, in bad shape and laying on ice, but he was able to come through it."

Ford was feeling better and was sent home.

He had planned that his COVID-19 story would be one about recovery.

"He wanted to share his story so people will know what it was like to battle this virus and not lose faith," explained Schor.

On Sunday, Pastor Ford spoke to his congregation from home.

Not knowing it would be his last.

"He was excited, as ever, looking forward to preaching the gospel and thankful to be home," said Bishop Maxwell.

His family tells me, earlier this week, Ford started feeling ill again and passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

"It was shocking," said Schor. "I was sad, I was angry, I was upset that my friend who was a leader in Lansing succumbed to this after surviving."

His death comes as a shock to many, but his spirit will be far from forgotten.

"His imprint on the hearts and minds in the landscape of our community has not ended," said Bishop Maxwell. "It will continue to go on."

News 10 spoke to Ford's wife, Cassandra, who is so thankful for the love and support the community is giving her through this time.

She says she wants to leave those with a message Ford preached until the very end.

"God is always in control," said Cassandra. "I'm devastated, but I know God is still in control and that is the only this I can hold on to."

Pastor Ford leaves behind his wife, 9 brothers and sisters, 8 children and a host of nieces, nephews and friends.

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