Local teachers help families reach educational goals

HOLT, Mich. (WILX)-- News 10's morning anchor Lora Painter finds out how local teachers help Mid-Michigan parents cope with the challenges of special education. A mother from Holt shares her story in finding the best learning program for her child.

Bre Vining said she had her oldest daughter Jordan at a young age. For the first two years of life, she said Jordan was non-verbal and screaming a lot. Vining did not know what to do, but found the support she needed when she met up with teachers at Sycamore Elementary School in Holt.

Bre Vining said, "They enriched my life, my daughter's life, my family's life."

Jill Terry is a cognitive abilities teacher at Sycamore. She helps parents -- such as Vining-- navigate the educational options for their children who have special needs. Terry said students have options depending on where they fall in the spectrum of learning abilities. Some students have modified lessons in general ed classes, which can include time with a specialist in language or math. Some students have an "individualized education plan", also known as an IEP.

Jill Terry said, "It can be a scary process. Hopes and dreams might change a little bit. They're not gone. We just make them different. and give them a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel."